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Shinobi Illumination Lamps

Shinobi Illumination Lamps

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Tired or Unmotivated? And you need a stylish mental booster as well as a backup plan for emergencies? You're in the right place. Get at least one of the "Shinobi Illumination" lamps to become more competitive in your work and get a better décor in your home. 

Here are some of the benefits you get with this lamp: 

- It Boosts Your Focus with a Spark of Inspiration.

It's even better if you add music in the background while you're working.

- It Gives You Cognitive Performance Advantages

The different colors give different cognitive performance advantages, such as alertness (with blue), focus and good memory performance (with red).

- It Reduces Your Eye Strain

The lamps reduce your eye strain, giving you more focus, productivity, better sleep, etc.

- It's a Back Up Plan

- The lamps are ridiculously useful when you have a power outage and other emergencies requiring an independent light source

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